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Build and run Unity Standalone for Windows

  1. After you have loaded the Asylum Unity SDK Example or added the Asylum Unity SDK Plugin to an existing project, create a GameObject with component AsylumDigitalObjectsController. Make sure you enter the user's passphrase (seed phrase mnemonic) in the AsylumDigitalObjectsController component field.


    If you followed Quick Install, you already have scene created, just open Scenes/SimpleScene and make sure that AsylumDigitalObjectsController component has seed phrase filled.

  2. (Optional) Switch platform to the Windows,Mac,Linux in the File > Build Settings, if another platform is chosen.

  3. Start building game. The result of the build looks like this.

  4. Download, install and run Docker.

  5. Follow the steps of Docker setup and run the following command in terminal:

    docker-compose up

    Since you are not using WebGL it is not necessary to run Creator Studio. You can limit yourself to running IPFS and Asylum Node.


    To see the proper result you should have items minted on your chain. To do this you can:

  6. And now you can start the game.

  7. The final result should be this.