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Run E2E Cypress tests

  1. Follow Docker setup to install Creator Studio in Docker

  2. Create .env.test.local file in asylum-ui/packages/creator-studio folder:

    REACT_APP_MINTER_MNEMONIC = eternal danger cherry radar exit damage slam hip say relief awesome middle

    REACT_APP_NODE_ENV = test will spin up the web app in test mode. The step with connecting to Polkadot{.js} extension will be skipped, as it's not possible to install and properly test this extension within Cypress test environment.

    The seed phrase REACT_APP_MINTER_MNEMONIC will be automatically set to connection-library, when user clicks connect wallet.

  3. Navigate to root asylum-ui folder

  4. yarn docker:test:up


    yarn docker:test:up command will start container with different ui image configs. You have to delete previous container, which you spun up with yarn docker:up

  5. yarn cypress:open

  6. Select E2E Testing -> Chrome -> Start E2E testing in Chrome

  7. Select spec you want to run