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Interactions with NFT items are not supported in the current version of the Connection Library

Almost all functionality of the Connection Library is covered in the seed script and can be used as a reference.

Installation steps

  1. Install and run Asylum node

  2. Add Connection Library as a local dependency your project package.json.

    dependencies: {
    "@asylum-ui/connection-library": "^0.1.0",

Prepare account

To start working with the Connection Library we need to prepare an account:

import { AsylumApi } from '@asylum-ui/connection-library'

const nodeUrl = "ws://"
const ipfsUrl = ""

const api = AsylumApi.connect({ nodeUrl, ipfsUrl })
.then(async (api) => {
const mnemonic = "eternal danger cherry radar exit damage slam hip say relief awesome middle"

const testAccount = new Keyring({ type: 'sr25519' }).addFromUri(mnemonic)
const alice = new Keyring({ type: 'sr25519' }).addFromUri('//Alice')

await api
.signAndSendWrapped(api.polkadotApi.tx.balances.transfer(seeder.address, 10 ** 12))

return api.withKeyringPair(testAccount)

All subsequent steps will be performed with the current preset.